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The Catholic church is just another Jewish religion like Islam. There is nothing Christian about the Catholic Church except for window dressing. It's all Jewish bullshit

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Most Catholics I know have been red pilled for a very long time. Jesus, what do you think the crusades were about? Fighting Muslim invasion of the time. It's just the media only emphasizes liberal parishes. My husband is devout Catholic and joined the cloth briefly to become a mercenary. His dream was to live out in the middle East and escort people and shoot extremist. He quit only because he realized he wanted to be married. He also use to go with his church group to protest Planned Parenthood back in the 90's.

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You think you are red pilled? Lol. Tell me another story. A billion Catholics give money to a church that banned marriage for clergy to attract homosexuals and pedophiles. The first pope Peter was married. Timothy said a bishop should have one wife. What about Muslims? Your catechism says they worship the true God and are the first non Catholics to go to heaven. What about the Jesuits? Have you ever looked up the oaths they take? It's not to God! Don't talk about red pilled until you get rid of your homosexual new world order black pope. Maybe if a billion red pilled Catholics kept their money in their pocketbooks until this shit was taken care of something good might happen!

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Holy fuck you are a mess. Put down the bong dude. You smoked too much.

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catholics should wake up to mother worship aswell

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Mother worship is the least of their issues when they also worship a mortal man as God, and God as man-made, abominable trinity idol. I'm guessing that's an issue you share with them?

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Spotted the jew

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=hxbHRR0f8ck :

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The correct words would be "We have been infiltrated by Satan" or maybe we infiltrated him? Either way it's not just the Catholics, but all of the church. And the only sin that's killing us isn't just homosexuality, but all sin. Especially pride for we say, "at least I have never done this thing or that thing." Any sin gone unrepented of will be the bullet that kills us. When we do this our hearrts harden to our sin and eventually we crash and fall.

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Homosexuality? They are all Jewish child rapists. So many popes have been Jewish it's ridiculous. I can't believe the Gentiles fell for this stupid fucking bullshit