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Freemason (Phreemason) is code for pedo. Liberty was not about a bunch of protestants looking for equality. It was an inversion of what we think it is; it was the pedos pushing their art and pornography as "expression".

Liberty is often code for; let us fuck your children while we diddle our own children in privacy. Most likely residue from the roman mystery cults. Which, of course, is why it "appears" to be a resurgence of gayness. Back then you either diddle your kids or gave them labors in order to curb their adolescent desires and "learn" something. Some masons and priests became 'pedos', some masons and priests become 'abusers'. Both a result of misusing and abusing persian/stellar magic and rituals, which most likely trace back to Etruscans and Egyptians.

We didn't "win" shit. These assholes are still fighting about the same shit. And those of us that figure it out without being a part of the in-group or continue to allow the abuse get murdered or stalked forever.

And then there are the elders who claim, but the YOUNG WILL EAT US IF WE DON'T CONTROL THEM. So you know, your country goes 100 or more years with little to no progress in any direction but backwards. Oh yea, and then the rest of the people who don't know either one of these historical threads simply practice the old jewish: SHOCK AND AWE tactic of lying, pretending, and creating false pretenses in order to teach "lessons" like false flags and drills.


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Catholic need ovening on maximum.