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Throughout the Bible, God worked His will through men.

For instance, He could've made Goliath succomb to a heart attack or aneurysm, but He chose, for whatever reason, to work through David. Faith without works is dead.

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That’s so poignant.

The Bible is full of so well meaning and beautiful moments.

Especially mass murder, child sacrifice, and incest.

All from a god that sounds like a 5 year old.

And you cucks worship this nonsense.

So wholesome.

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That's exactly what I expect to hear from the synagogue of satan.

TrumpNPC060? You've gone to a lot of trouble, making all those accounts to manipulate content here. Did you ever pull your head out of your ass and think that tricks like this may be the reason people despise you and yours?

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Worth checking the video to see what is being said

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both of them

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Democracy = Demon cracy = Rule by demons

Voting is a way for them to steal your life energy, and pretend they have your consent to be governed (free will).

All the politicians are trannies anyway.