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an diesem tag ist der weihnachtsbaum mit künstlichem dekorationsmaterial wie sternen, Buon Natale E Buon Anno lichtern, blumen, luftballons und spielzeug usw. dekoriert. weihnachtsmann ist ein symbol für den freund der kinder.

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I've seen it so many times. Age does funny things to the mind. My sweet little old lady mother-in-law who always had a smile, rarely spoke, and was a devout Catholic who attended Mass twice a day--one day lost it in her assisted living facility. She suddenly grabbed a broom and threatened the nurses and assistants with vile expletives that no one in the family had ever heard her utter before. She was so out of control, she was Baker Acted. The next day she back to her sweet self--until it would happen again.

Growing old isn't a lot of fun.

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We were born four days apart and raised in Orthodox Jewish homes.

Is orthodox the cult with with cute little curly cues and funny hats? They all have those squirmy little rat faces but the curls and the kvetching really shine in that other cult.

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Yup, its the one where rabbis suck baby dick and give babies herpes.