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I don't think they really care about Jews at all beyond prophecies surrounding them and that region.

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Depends greatly on whom you ask. As a church, they do venerate the Jews because of the Book Of Mormon. Long story short: America was settled by Jews, the descendants of those Jews created the golden plates which are the corner stone of their faith. But among rank and file worshipers, generally the feeling is generally neutral at best. Several of the missionaries and church members I've spoken to say they respect the tribe of Judah for their founding of the religion, but the modern Jewish state is detestable and on par with the Catholic church.

https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/1-ne/14.23 Interesting read on how LDS church and members view most other churches of the world

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Being from inside and outside, depends upon their personal understanding. From the inside, they accept both the Old and New Testaments without question or thought. From the outside, there's a huge difference between true Jews and Zionism/Zionists.

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Mostly indifferent. There is some respect when it comes to the 2nd coming of Christ.

Source: I'm a Mormon living in Utah.

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Do you know John Reeder?

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Do you get a free wife ? Ive heard mormons do this.

Do mormons believe they can have a planet in the afterlife ?

Why do they call Utah Zion ?

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Well, she didn't cost me anything...so...I guess?

That is a really complex topic and can't really be properly discussed on a message board. However, to be honest and give you the best answer I can in a short version: kind of.

"Zion" is, and has been for a long time in Mormon culture, used to refer to any land that is believed to be prepared by God as a place where Mormons can gather and call home, in a sense.

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Indifferent if not with a feeling that the are stubborn. Jerusalem on the other hand is considered to be a holy city where Jesus will come again, during a critical moment, to save the jews.

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The ones I've met have all been big time (((capitalists))). The only way I know they weren't actually full on jews is that they actually do work, outside, and they provide for themselves instead of leaching off of other humans.