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While it's true that scientific progress was violently hindered by religious people throughout history,

I agree that:

  • Honesty, purpose, and morality didn't come from rationalism or scientific pursuits. He's right to say that these are not scientific conclusions.
  • Secularism, sold as a modern day liberation from traditions derived from religion, has brought about degeneracy.

I see modern day atheism as the practice of amorality. It's a celebration of the liberation from religion by deliberately opposing religious moral values. This approach to atheism has ironically created its own dogma which is what liberals have decided to follow.

These are the same liberals that support Replacement Migration by an Islamic majority. They support these notoriously violent oppressive people who are driven by . . . . RELIGION. Why support Islam over Christianity?

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"While it's true that..."

By what standard?

You use truth values, assume logic, use predication, assume possession of a warrant for the principle of induction. By what central belief, i.e. religion, do you do that?

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=RbiS6fWr1Kg :

Atheist Scientist CHALLENGES A Christian, Gets SCHOOLED - YouTube

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Evil is everywhere (religion AND science). The blamegame is pointless.

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I don’t remember anything about blame in the video

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Science blaming religion for past crimes, religion blamin science for sacrilige.

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This is a no win Subject.

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Nice try mossad psyop typist...

christianity “ is a 2000 year old psyop (psychological operation) created by the then current israeli mossad to destroy the Roman Empire, the only miracle about ‘jesus ‘ is that the plot was successful.... ‘jesus’ should literally be considered a devil... the apostles were israeli mossad agents...