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He paints the canvas of this reality every planck time.

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God never TOLD us about his capabilities exactly, ALL of that is speculation by men. For instance is he bound by the laws of Physics, or did he create the laws of physics? If he always existed (no beginning) what did he do before he created heaven?

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There's a reason for everything being the way that it is. I'm just one man. I know only what I'm meant to know. I've studied religions from around the globe. If you study enough of them, I don't know which ones you might need, it'll lead you to a better understanding of God. Good luck in your search for answers.

Omnipresence would seem to put him outside the laws of physics, which he created, so maybe he created an exception for himself or maybe the whole thing is too much for us to understand. Maybe that particular bit isn't all that important. Why does that matter to you?

Um - "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". Literally the first line in the Bible. I'm pretty he did that one instantly right out of the gate. Where does it say he has no beginning? Was that a property given to him by men? Should we count on such properties? By your own post we shouldn't. Probably best to go by the book as with most things.

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"I am that I am" "I am the same, yesterday, today and forever". "In the beginning, was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God."

Good book.

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All gods are man-made...