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He was anti Catholic....sheesh....the church said you can pay them money for leniancy on your damnation. NOTHING about that in the Bible!

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Got an odens bolt to remind him.

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https://archive.fo/zHypN :

'These Jews are not Jews, but devils incarnate': Was Martin Luther anti-Semitic? - World News - Haaretz.com

'"For these Jews are not Jews, but devils incarnate who curse our Lord," Luther wrote, according to RR Auction's translation. '

'Europe had a long history of mistreating Jews, said Christopher Boyd Brown, an associate professor of church history at Boston University. '

'"Martin Luther items don't come to auction often, and this is in incredibly great shape for a 500-year-old letter," said Robert Livingston, RR's executive vice president. '

'"Luther plays a part in this grim history," Brown said via email. '

'The single-page letter, with writing on both sides, is expected to sell for at least $300,000 at the auction being conducted by Boston-based RR Auction that concludes Wednesday. '

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How can some one be anti-Semitic before it existed?