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I wish more people would give up on politics because they don't know anything about it and they are so easily brainwashed and manipulated by the biased media.

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That's because some percentage of religions that comfortably round to 100% are evil, corrupt, money grubbing criminal organizations.

My rather vast experience is that the guy in the front of the church, regardless of his title, rarely references the Bible -- except of course to take 1 sentence COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT, and match it up with another sentence as likely as not from the other Testament in order to tell a lie that is pretty much the exact opposite of the written word of God. Meanwhile the sheeple that haven't ever even cracked the book lap it up and pour money into the Harlot's coffers.

Had these charlatans bothered to read the very end of the book they would learn that their sins are the most grave of any which man can commit. When we say "There is a special place in Hell for people like you" it isn't a figure of speech. The source document of their carefully orchestrated charade specifically says there is!

Belief in God is almost completely incompatible with modern religion.

PS: No. YOUR church is not different!!!!! LISTEN to what the fast talking orator is so emotionally spewing. And then, if you dare, read AT MINIMUM each entire chapter from which he has glibly plucked a sentence. You'll find out that his point is AT BEST tangential to the actual message; and quite possibly the exact opposite.