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The Catholic Church is corrupt. Time for another Reformation.

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It's not the Church that's corrupt. It's specific people within the institutional organization who are corrupt. No institution is without faults so long as it is made up of humans.

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"Pope" Francis.

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Yeah they should not have let some South American take control. Latino priests are notoriously lax and don't follow any rules. It's routine for them to have common-law wives and families. I get that he's part Italian ethnically, but that's almost as bad. They need a white guy in there who understands orthodoxy. Ratzinger wasn't smiley enough I guess, but he was at least smart and structured enough to do the job. If we could get an Anglophone pope from a sane country Catholicism would start to look and feel like itself again.

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It’s amazing to me that any person can think that Catholicism is Christian or that the pope somehow represents Christianity. Since the beginning it has existed to serve the will of Lucifer through spiritual warfare. Killing an estimated 50 million Christians, denying access to the scriptures, teaching and preaching heresies, extracting money from the deepest corners of the earth, raping children, creating secret societies, infiltrating governments with Jesuit agents etc... its time that the people woke up

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Yeah but the thing is it does represent christianity, and there were centuries of war all through europe over orthodox fundamental christianity (catholicism) and watered down 'its too hard to follow all those rules so we arent going to do that' sects (protestant anglican reformed churches etc) - just because they strictly follow the rules you pretend dont exist or you dont have to doesnt mean its not representative....

That exact war and actual terrorism was still hapoening in ireland and the uk because of orthodox catholicism and moderate protestant christianity up until the 2000s.

This is no different than saying Bin Laden doesnt represent islam because he was shia. They also are still having wars over hardcore orthodoxy (shia) and 'we cant be fucked with all these rules so we are going to pretend they dont exist' 'moderate' (sunni) islam. EDIT - I could have sunni and shi'ite the wrong way around but the theory is sound

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There is a way to test your idea of whether or not something is a true representative or not and that is found in the writings of that particular belief.

Your analogy is incorrect because if you read the writings of Christianity (The KJV Bible), you will find that Catholicism is nothing more than an agency who forces themselves into falsely representing Christianity the same way that the modern Ashkenazi Jew hides behind the false identity of being a Hebrew descendant.

Go and look at the writings of God in the scriptures- Catholicism does not at all line up with the teachings of Jesus and is not doctrinally sound.

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They can scream deus vult all day long, but they get the rope too

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It's not the first time leaders of religions attempt to change things. Sometimes it happens because the people want it, and sometimes it happens because the leadership want it. The latter usually ends badly for the leadership.