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Real researchers don't stop just because they found a likely culprit. If I hack into your computer and use your IP to hack a bank, does that mean you stole the money?? What if I make it look good and place some hacking guides on your computer? A thorough researcher would see through it and come to the correct conclusion after forensic analysis: unless they like you, just want people to conclude their research prematurely.. with things like oh the Jews did it.. did you ever think that a group could have an agenda to place real and not so real Jews in high places for a deeper agenda/scapegoat setup? You say it's a red herring because it's right on the money.. you reveal your true opinion with the words you used, it's quite telling. You say I am throwing real researchers off but it's exactly what YOU are attempting to do by persuading people to just come to the lazy conclusion that it must be the Jews because of evidence A, B and C but never stop to think about whether that evidence was planted and created in order to throw you off. Why don't you actually research the Catholic Church and see that they have been using scapegoats in this way for a very long time and it continues to this day.


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Go fuckyourself Jew.


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Is that all you got? I suppose you must be a low ranking propaganda agent. How often do they make you get coffee?