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Oh look out, looks like theyve just admitted theyve lost control of their pets! SHUT. IT. DOWN!

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It's actually worth a good read through, lots of historical tid bits in that article.

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It is incredibly biased: on one hand, they describe the Greeks as horribly homosexual and the Jews as not; on the other, they don't mention circumcision or licking the blood of newly circumcised infants at all:




Something the Jews STILL practice in modern times....................................................

Or the marriage age of children back then generally being much younger among Jews than among Romans (source for the Roman marriage ages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage_in_ancient_Rome#Conventions_of_Roman_marriage. The somewhat equivalent Wikipedia article is surprisingly murky and unclear, and the Talmud is not clear either, though both indicates marriage ages from 3 years old for girls: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_views_on_marriage#Ages_of_marriage). And the insane crap in the Talmud regarding whether a 4 year old girl is or is not a virgin after being raped or what it is (and similar discussions regarding very young boys).

And the Jews cite other Jews regarding how horrible the Seleucids were, forgetting to mentioning that the Seleucids had been very tolerant and even protective of their religious institutions until at some point. And it is murky at best what changed at that point; some (seemingly Jews from what I can quickly skim) claim that it was greed and theft from the Seleucids and the Hellenized Jews and a cover-up and the like, and other things indicate revolts, murders and assassinations. And even the Jews admit themselves that they forcibly circumcised and mutilated children, and admit that they banished and admit indirectly that they murdered at least some of those that did not circumcise their children and/or were seen as Hellenized. And given how ludicrously dishonest and willing to sacrifice the truth Jews generally are, it would not be the slightest bit surprising if the Jews were incredibly much more wretched and evil in the given events than claimed by them. And the mutilation itself is wretched in and of itself.

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I hate Jews more than anyone here and I still realize #notall. There will always be defecting outliers.

They are still not to be trusted.

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Sometimes it is a case of them not wanting to be affected by their evil schemes as much as the targets of their schemes:




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"helllo fellow voaters, i hate jews just as much as you BUT........" fuck off schlomo

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There are Jews that are opposed to Israel.

It's just like with niggers. I used to live in a neighborhood where 2 houses down there was a negro family. You wouldn't know it if you saw the house. They kept the grass cut and the yard neat. They didn't have rimz on dey rides an sheeit.

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@truthwoke33 You have to be woke to admit that.

I have never said to trust them. Well, you can when you know them. Or else you can't when you know them, lol. Once you become like a real Mensch to one of them, they might become a real friend. Most people won't hang out with many Jews because there aren't THAT many. And almost exclusively in or near big cities. And they hang out with jews.

That's enough from me. I sound like a grandmafag. Sheesh.

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Now its time to side with the freaks against the kikes.

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Freaks are freaks for a reason. Either it's their past or its how they're born. I don't hate gays. What I hate is pushing gayness as superior and freaks dancing in parades in their undies.

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Gay people are not freaks

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The pot calls the kettle black.

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Racist. The pot calls the kettle African Cookwarian.

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And now the Jew take his next step towards dividing and conquering

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Why don't you take your theory up a level.

Let me help you out:

And now the Jew Satan take takes his next step towards dividing, conquering and corrupting through the use of twisted religions such as Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, Anglicanism, Sikhism, Judaism etc and through the use of various perversions and inversions


The whole Satanism stick is a red herring to throw real researchers off of finding out who is really behind the problems of the world

Real researchers don't stop just because they found a likely culprit. If I hack into your computer and use your IP to hack a bank, does that mean you stole the money?? What if I make it look good and place some hacking guides on your computer? A thorough researcher would see through it and come to the correct conclusion after forensic analysis: unless they like you, just want people to conclude their research prematurely.. with things like oh the Jews did it.. did you ever think that a group could have an agenda to place real and not so real Jews in high places for a deeper agenda/scapegoat setup? You say it's a red herring because it's right on the money.. you reveal your true opinion with the words you used, it's quite telling. You say I am throwing real researchers off but it's exactly what YOU are attempting to do by persuading people to just come to the lazy conclusion that it must be the Jews because of evidence A, B and C but never stop to think about whether that evidence was planted and created in order to throw you off. Why don't you actually research the Catholic Church and see that they have been using scapegoats in this way for a very long time and it continues to this day.

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Scapegoating is jewish, claiming people are scapgoating jews is jewish, lumping Christianity together with judaism, islam and asian religion and saying their all bad is jewish as fuck. You really made yourself seem jewish with that tirade.

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The whole Satanism stick is a red herring to throw real researchers off of finding out who is really behind the problems of the world

Get the fuck out of here Jew.

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Bro, it's the reptilians

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Whoa, SatanWorksForGod ! Exactly. It is a lazy argument.

If blah blah percentage is kikes, who makes up the other blah blah percent?

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Stern said LGBT couples’ children “could very possibly be miserable in the end, maybe not as small children, but when they grow up and find themselves in this unnatural situation

Well, the rabbi isn't wrong here. And the LGBT movement is evil. Yes.

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Wrong. Sad.

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It's a Jewish faction war. Conservative Jews (e.g. Mercer, who is funding Trump, + "honest" but actually super biased pro-Israel normies like Dennis Prager) vs Globalist Jews (e.g. Barbara Lerner Specter, Soros, who is unwelcome in Israel, + useful idiots like those pro-Palestine celebrities, many Jewish).

The Jews do control everything. That's undeniable at this point given their disproportionate representation in all positions of power and the ease with which entire continents bend to their whims.

We're the pawns.

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The mental gymnastics the majority of this websites userbase does to keep their world from falling apart is astounding and hilarious

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Catholics (the official Church) have no problems with this evil movement. At least, you don't hear condemning them. Silence is consenting.

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I've always said their are real Jews AND FAKE JEWS. These are real Jews. Their faith is rooted in their Bible. Not like Zuckerberg, Feinstein, Schumer, and the other liberal/progressives that are more of a financial/political cult.

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NO! These people are all fake "Jews". They follow the Talmud, not the Bible and God. Whether their anti-sodomite protest is genuine or not doesn't matter here. If they call themselves "rabbis" and follow the filthy Talmud, they are fakes.

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I've always said their are real Jews

Which ones float, and which ones sink?

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Maybe these are the 12 tribe jews, not the 13th tribe satanists

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Does that mean that gays are /ourfags/ now? Or are these rabbis /ourkikes/?

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