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Win Win for everyone!

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You seem to be one of the most stupid, low class, pathetic, big mouthed morons who has ever posted on voat. You add nothing to life but vitriol and nastiness.

Its amazing what a trashy retard you are. How do you even function in society? Are you on SS disability for being such a retard?

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normally i do not respond to such retards but let me be open minded, let me ask have you read the Quran or the quotes of rape goat fucking jihadist text and violence in the Koran? right now i will assume 1 of 3 things, youre a white who smoke lots of shit, 2 youre a negroid but maybe not all nigga, 3 you are an inbred arab trying to pose as a 'white nationalist'... i do not care who or what you are...i ask again have u read the demonic war monger pedophile jihad book called the quran or koran?