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Good for them.

Now if only they could do something about that Jew problem... I'll gain more interest in asatru when it's clear they have a legitimate defense against usury.

Orthodox Christianity on the other hand outlawed usury from the get go and prevented centralization. It was the Catholic church in 1054 that started sucking Jew dick and praised man over God (Pope).

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Currently looks like 99% of the "Christian" politicians are shabbos goys going to war for Israel and feeding Africa.

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Oh, and you know, the little fact that Christianity is based on an actual historical, living figure, and not on a non-living mythical being. Regardless of whether you attribute divinity to Jesus, it really cannot be argued at this point that the man himself did not exist, nor that the earliest followers did not believe in his divinity. This makes the character of Jesus absolutely unique in religious history, and comparisons between Christianity and pagan myth fail massively in these comparisons. Note that I am not arguing with certainty for the divinity of Jesus here, but arguing that there are a lot of false equivalencies made when people think you can throw the Christian story in the same deck of cards as preceding pagan mysticism.

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When was the last time a pagan prophecy came true?

There are many Christian prophesies fulfilled, especially the destruction of the temple in 70AD as the most notable. Even if one denies the resurrection of Christ, how can they deny that he prophesied it would fall within the lifetime of those in his immediate audience?

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So the fuck what? Buddha... real guy. Joseph Smith, real guy. Muhammad... you guessed it. Real guy. Even L Ron Hubbard. Religion is all faith without evidence. There is always a founder. We just don't know who started paganism. And Christianity isn't all Jesus, don't forget the old testament. Then there is all the pagan ritual that somehow got renamed and made it in.

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What evidence do you have that Jesus was a actual historical, living figure. the Bible? Eat a dick dude...I guess Harry Potter is real too!

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I'll gain more interest in asatru when it's clear they have a legitimate defense against usury.

Ask, and you shall receive.

A man should accumulate wealth honestly, through hard work in building it or through mortal danger taking in it from someone else.

Lending at interest and other financial {{{schemes}}} are in essence using a silver tongue to manipulate others into giving you their wealth, instead of earning your own wealth fairly (the stone price) or taking it openly (the iron price). These things are dishonorable trickery. They're something Loki would do. They are anathema to Astaru; therefore anyone who practices the faith can legitimately claim a religious defense against usury.

Edit: Lending at interest is exactly something Loki would do. As /u/goblin_ghost points out elsewhere in thread,

Loki is pretty much 100% the archetypal jew, and he comes from Jotunhemr, "born of the Jotun (Juden)".

[quotes added]. (Also technically Jotunheimr means "land--or 'realm'--of the Jotun".)

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Thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay.

A few concerns I have here, as I was taught certain principles about Asatru that don't convince me on this.

I've heard the gods are not seen as either good or bad. That sometimes we must embody even Loki for certain ends. So why shouldn't I embody Loki to practice usury against someone else I judge as deserving of punishment?

If honor and hard work were the primary drive for pagans, why were raids such a common practice? Is not the destruction of your neighbors lands only honorable in the short term, the victory of battle, but dishonorable in the long run, the theft of other's hard work? Do you mean to say the iron price is itself honorable regardless? I fail to see how that concept can be scaled to everyone, it is merely "might makes right".

Didn't know that about Jotenheimr. Fascinating.

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Read the oera Linda book. Not the same as asatru but it was a form of prechristian belief and it does forbid usuey and racemixing

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Many poeple in the comments clearly haven't read the article, or don't know much about pagan beliefs. Very little actually believe there is a one eyed god floating about in the sky, but these tales have power in thenselves to teach about psychology, culture, metaphores and humanity in general.

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Bingo, it's mostly if not all metaphorical

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Applies to almost all mythology.

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White mythology is much better than any sand nigger doctrine. You can gain so much wisdom from Paganism.

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Yeah I was just thinking we should go back to toothless druids cavorting in stone circles, begging for a good harvest and dying of old age at 40. Those were the days.

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I'm a fan of stoicism, myself.

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You can gain so much wisdom from Paganism.

So much wisdom!

Like what?

Human sacrifices at Trelleborg?


As if paganism was one and the same thing

"You can gain so much wisdom from religion" Same retarded statement

Which religion to begin with?

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What does sacrifice teach? That you can't get anything for nothing. What do abrahamic religions teach? Pray and you get whatever you want from the big provider in the sky.

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Just for conversation, both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda are from the 13th century, so maybe the headline is a bit of an exaggeration.

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Prose Edda, yes. Poetic Edda, not really. It was compiled from the Codex Regius in the 13th century. A lot of those poems are much older than that.

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Hard to say how old because there would have been a lengthy oral tradition before they were ever written down.

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What a ridiculous thing it is to imagine that you or some dumbshit poser historian could authoritatively assert the precise date of authorship of either of those documents! Even when they were written, they were intended as records of existing lore which was much older.

13th century is the date ascribed to both. I know that the lore is much older than that, but that's the time when it was actually WRITTEN. Like, on paper and shit.

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13 th c = time when Christianity was overtaking paganism. Which can be inferred from those texts.

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I agree. Now all the Vikings are Lutherans.

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Same reason the Jews put the old testament to paper. A foreign culture was threatening to destroy their beliefs and way of life.

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Nice! Went to a sygrblot this spring and it was an experience like no other.

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I don't mind this.

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Then I would suggest getting a book or two on Norse mythology (so you know the stories) and a couple on ritual magic (so you know how to invoke the powers). If you've got $5 to spare, get yourself a copy of this book. The author isn't a great writer, but it's a good starting point.

You don't have to make a pilgrimage to the temple in Iceland because you can set up a temple in your own home. However, if you want to get any results from the Path, it will require discipline and effort on your part. The Gods love humankind, They want us to be stronger, healthier, and more powerful, but They do not give these things away for free. You have to work for them. Funny thing is, that same rule applies to the Gods just as much as it applies to us. Two stories about Odin illustrate this point: 1. He hanged himself from the World Tree for nine days and nights in order to understand the runes; 2. He had to sacrifice one of his eyes in order to drink from the Well of Mimir and thus gain all knowledge. The moral of the stories: Nothing worthwhile comes for free.

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You can join my brother.

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Just think about it this way.. there are over a billion psycos who think allah is real odin and thor are just as real.

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Odin isnt a marvel god, odin is us whites and going forward, im sorry you think pagans are so retarded like that.

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I have more respect for nordic gods then i do muslims.. he isnt telling his people to lie and be pedophiles, although im sure he is ok with rape following a raid... but they are gods of war and killingnand death and dont make this bullshit claim of being the religion of peace.. the muslims figured out propagand a long time ago, similar to america we are going make peace in the middle east by supporting isreal and overthrowing goverments and starting civil wars!

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