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This is what real hate looks like. A hate for identity, for tradition, for daring to exist on the same planet. This is jewish hatred of Gentiles.

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Your not even close to identifying how evil they are. The Jew gets your daughters hooked on social media and turns them into whores. Then after getting physically gang raped by their pets (Musliums) arrests you being a racist. Now all you can rot in a dirty cell getting raped and all you can do is just watch. Watch while your daughter gets gang raped over and over again until she is befouled to the point that even a dog wont touch her. This is just the beginner level of understanding the Jew.

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Agreed. They deserve everything coming to them

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Is there anything less entertaining or funny than "Jew feminist entertainer comedian"?

[–] Kunta_Kinte_Biatch 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

I'd fuck her in the butt....

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Then gass her

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The kikes are getting rather blatant

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They hate us.

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Ya think? I take it as a compliment though that they see us more than any other race as able to stop them

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Look, Hitler himself would have fucked them if it would have chilled the bullshit...

Fuck it, I'll fuck them in his memory............

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She knows she would get shot in the face. That's why they want our guns. These jews are psychos and have to be thrown out of white countries. It isn't just a few jews who act this way. Its seemingly normal amongst them. They have went full in against whites while most whites remain oblivious. DAY OF THE OVEN WHEN

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not even thrown out this time the problem needs to be solved for good

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and in typically jewish fashion, her avatar is the most air-brushed, non-jew looking picture of "herself".

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Do you think in the end, the jew hates themselves the most of all?

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how could they not?

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this is typical of jew "comedy" bullshit. here is more about that and what it represents:

Texe Marrs - The Jewish Comedy Club

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nasty bitch needs to be strapped to the fence of a pig pen and sliced open so she can be devoured alive by an unclean animal. and then we burn the witch, use the ashes to make lye, and once the egg floats, we will make soap. true jew soap.

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I love the way you think

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And they said the brain tumor might make me irrational or prone to angry outbursts. What the fuck do doctors know.

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Took the exact words I was thinking! Great minds think alike.

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Now you're thinking like a Jew.

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hahahh Wow!

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For their weird rituals? Are they getting bored with just mutilating and sucking babies dicks and looking for new thrills?

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