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That's all fine and I get that but some of the biggest pieces of shit that I know are "devout" christians.

I know "christians" that preach up and down about the evils of man and five minutes later practice envy, gluttony and outright manipulation or judgement of their fellow man. I'm not talking about one or two, there is a definite connection between people who go to church and rotten fucking people. So much so that when someone says, "Imma churishtun!", I step back and give them the room to prove me right. Not always but far far more than should.

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Yup, run into those types all the time. The harder they proclaim to be religious the more likely they are cunts who use it to feel superior to others.

If people who had their lives saved at a hospital went around telling others that we don't need hospitals they would be the best comparison to a lot of these religious folk.

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Gotta love heaven bound catholic priests heading thst way because they wont rat out other priests or confessional pedos.

If thats where the most hypocritical and evil in their lives people are going just because they said sorry not to their victims but to god... well then why the fuck would i want to go there it sounds like a sick evil place.

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Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future.

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Well you all can enjoy your eternity with repentant child rapists and murderers while i push up daisies with the rest of the people who just live their lives...