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I have an idea. Grant him citizenship then he'll be just like any other Dutch person.

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islamo Pakis are a bunch of stupid inbred low IQ savages for even making such a statement. Some muslims may not be violent but unfortunately islam produces backward thinking racist insane war mongering savages that turn all into sand and dust. This is what happens your mind when you pray to a Moongod al-Lah and worship a so-called prophet war monger, theif, degenerate, rapist and pedophile named mohammad.... https://kek.gg/i/54ffv8.jpeg i do not exaggerate the book the quran or koran is translated into many languages to read, see for yourself what kind of depraved, child molesting mass murdering pervert the founder of islam was....islamo Pakis follow this 1,400 yr depraved mad man and all Pakis would lose badly in a real war...the world cleansed of islam in a storm of atomic fire.... and you can be sure Hindu Indians Sikh would take revenge for the millions genocides by islam, pretty sure all nukes go to the skies once any start flying. You don't want to be caught with yours on the ground and the death tolls are apocalyptic and horrific. Apart from the gamma radiation ordinary light is emitted, some of which is visible and some of which is the ultra violet rays mainly responsible for flash burns. The emission of light starts a few milliseconds after the nuclear explosion when the energy from the explosion reaches the air surrounding the bomb. The observer sees then a ball of fire which rapidly grows in size. During most of the early time, the ball of fire extends as far as the wave of high pressure. As the ball of fire grows its temperature and brightness decrease. Several milliseconds after the initiation of the explosion, the brightness of the ball of fire goes through a minimum, then it gets somewhat brighter and remains at the order of a few times the brightness of the sun for an observer at six miles distance. Most of the radiation is given off after this point of maximum brightness. Also after this maximum, the pressure waves run ahead of the ball of fire. I think a visit should be made by most to Hiroshima or Nagasaki just to see for yourself what has been historically preserved from this time in human history, the city flamed in an instant, a shock wave to flatten everything, 70,000 people many innocent were killed in less than a a tenth of a second? death toll would reach into the hundred thousands from radiation sickness deaths in both cities. Hopefully the future is not all blood darkness and war and one day humanity will advance into space and the planets and stars and human crap such as islam dies https://files.catbox.moe/jrjqy2.jpg .... let this stupid so called religion die, hopefully islam will go extinct just as many stupid cults went extinct.

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Do you know what positive reinforcement is?

In Europe, it is great to be Muslim. You get to gangrape little white girls and get away with it. Free gibs, free healthcare, VIP preferential treatment (you get to burn churches but christians can't burn mosques).

So instead of realizing their mistakes, these Muslim youths be like "praise to Allah for this euro-topia where we are treated like kangz."

I find it hard to blame Muslims, when libtards are the ones giving positive reinforcements.

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The only wiping he knows how to do is his ass with his hand.

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Maybe they could invent one after their people figure out the basics of indoor plumbing.

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That's funny, I think the same think about you glorified niggers. And your Jew masters.

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It wont be long that the muslims take control of Europe's nukes. This is why the US is gonna have to do a preemptive strike at some point

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It'll probably be more like Russia or China theyve got less tolerance for this shit

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It wont be long that the muslims take control of Europe's nukes.

This is true and it really confuses me. Shouldn't the Israelis and Jewish diaspora be cognizant of this? If they are then why do they do so strongly support mass muslim migration to the West? Do they really want anti-Jewish Muslims in control of France and England's nuclear arsenal? Have they not thought it through? Am I missing something?

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Why do you think they are diaspora in the first place?

Mostly because they worship money they get from exploiting local gentiles. The decent jews already run back to Israel. In Israel it is more of a fair game, if they cheat other jew, then some random jew would call them out for it, so it's harder to be filthy rich and powerful than to be jews in America where you can trick goyim all you want.

Like other rootless cosmopolitans (you know, like that chinese libtard girl in college who worship libtardation open immigration bs for example), these people are all hopeless. They are like indoctrinated zombies who lost their capability of rational thinking. If someone is not a nationalist, then he really should just be shot as traitor.

The main difference between republican jews (jews behind trump) and democratic jews (anti-trumpers) is that one is Israeli nationalist (Israeli firster), the other is shekel firster. Just ask Soros, he doesn't like Israeli government, he just likes printing shekels. These are the jews who would side with the Palestinian who stab random Israeli in Tel Aviv for the sake of virtue signaling which translates for more shekels through SJW activism.

People need to realize that SJW/progressive activism is very profitable business. All these shady "non profits" are there for a reason. Think about it for a sec, who are behind all these non-profit bullshit? Yep, ultra rich people. How did they get to be ultra rich in the first place? I mean if they give a fuck about the less fortunate, they wouldn't be rich in the first place logically speaking. Rich people who truly care about "equality" would live like Buddha, who threw away his rich worldly life and live among the poor. What I'm trying to say is that these armchair virtue signaling moral highground rich liberals are hypocritical piece of shit. Pro-immigration, but live in their own gated mansion where poor people have no access to. Because telling people that they are "pro immigration" gives benefit for their selfish ass.

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i've seen articles in england where a "muslim leader" or ((journalists)) or someone important in their life, have started to condone muslim intolerance of jews. slowly, after england, is destoyed they will push for the jewish world peace and start thanking jews for helping them come to europe in the first place. that's my theory.

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Unless the nukes are smuggled to israel

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Hmm You reap what you sow! That make make for an interesting development. France hasn't won shit so they may be shamed into a conflict.

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ask him if he could wait untill just a few more migrants have invaded that place

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https://archive.fo/F0DDT :

Leader of Pakistani Islamist group vows to wipe Holland off the map | Daily Mail Online

"It would have seen them say 'I believe' instead of 'I solemnly swear' that Prophet Muhammad is the final prophet.", "The leader of a Pakistani Islamist group vowed to 'wipe Holland off the face of the earth' with a nuclear attack in response to a Prophet Muhammad cartoon competition being held in the country.", "Meanwhile, the TLP is a political party known for its vehement opposition to changes in Pakistan's blasphemy laws."

'In 2005, the publication in a Danish newspaper of a dozen cartoons depicting the Prophet led to violent protests across the Muslim world. '

'The government ultimately rolled back the change in the Election Act, claiming it had been a clerical error. '

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Is this considered hate speech yet? Or should we arrest the artist for drawing muhammed???

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