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It means pay your fucking taxes or be a goddamn outlaw jewish cult pretending refusing to obey the law and being btfo'd is the same as persecution.

Render unto caesar that which is caesars. Caesar never demanded to be worshipped as the sole deity of the world as under roman law all religion was permitted provided they paid their tithes therefore was not demanding worship by the jews. Caesar represented the roman god only to the Romans.

What was Caesars... was the tithes due that the jewish cult refused to render as part of a civic agreement to be allowed to practice their religion as free citizens like as had happened for centuries. By roman law and as happens today, he was entitled to punish those refusing to obey the law.

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under roman law all religion was permitted

This is incorrect. Monotheistic religions were not with a few exceptions, notably judaism and that was because of the near fetishistic attitude of Romans towards anything that was old.

Along comes a new religion claiming, horror of horrors, that everyone was equal before God and that there was only one God. This was absolute anathema to any Roman of standing and so you had varying periods of trying to ignore or suppress the religion hoping that it would go away, succeeding in making it the religion of slaves, outcasts, soldiers and people who traveled a lot.

Also, while Casesar himself did not seek veneration as a living God, other emperors certainly did such as Dominus et Deus Diocletian.

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It means pay your fucking taxes, that's literally what it says.

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Jews wanted to entrap Jesus had he said to pay then he is not a Prophet but a collaborator and if he said don't the Jews would have informed on him to the Romans and sat back and watched God save his prophet by destroying the occupiers thus twisting the will of God into doing their bidding.

The same with the stoning of the adulteress and giving the other cheek...in the end the Jews just gave up and handed Jesus to the Romans and said Please will you just kill this innocent man and free the known terrorist in his place.....the question is if Guantanamo prisoners (comparing prisoners to slaves which Jews were to Romans) had handed in an innocent man to die and requested that Osam ben laden be spared would Bush do it...do you understand now why the Romans beat the living shit of that man on the cross until his own mother could not recognize him, placed thorns on his head so no one can pull his hair back and look at his face and surrounded him with armed guards and here comes the punch line that known Terrorist name was also **Jesus ** his second name is Barabbas.... coincidences