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Dont know why white chrianity so much.. its a fucking goat fucker myth religion from desert tribes.. it has nothing to do with white caucasian people...jesus was the king of the jews its so ludacris its hard to believe its actualy a common place reality that white idiots follow a fucking arab desert fucking goat fucker religion

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Jesus hated jews. He proclaimed he was king of them after beating their asses. Even Romans wrote about how Jesus did not look like the locals.

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So the jew punches you in the face as he exclaims ouch why did you hurt me iz 2,000 thouzand years old??? You stupid fuck the jews are basicaly super smart gypsies... selling their bullshit stories.. they stole them from the egyptians and have been trying to replicate the power and control the pharoes had... they have surpased the pharoes by 1000 times