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Why are there so many neo-Marxist shills here, attacking Christianity?

Are you shills from the JIDF or from the DNC? Or do you guys work for another globalist NGO? I'm curious.

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I might be able to shed some light.. im agnostic american born in texas.. white consercative christians kind of suck and are super hypocritical by nature... so you might run into agnostics like me.. i hate mudslimes morenthen christians and i hate jews even more but me and you could be friends.

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The "Jews" are Satanic. There is no Judeo-Christian alliance. It's a lie. It's the same lie as Rom13 saying that Christians should blindly follow the government. There is no covenant that says Christians should blindly support Israel or the Jews.

The "church" that is marketed to you is a synagogue of Satan telling lies.

This new Bolshevik revolution will not stand without a fight. The "church" has convinced many to stand-down because of the "rapture", or to hide in your closet and be a "prayer warrior", etc... all lies! You must stand up to evil!

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This guy is an idiot.. he is thinking any white people should believe in abhrahemic mudslim goat fucker arab religions based off jew lies... he is an idiot

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Maybe Jews DID it because they weren't NIGGERS, like the rest of us. How about....they did it, and exploited us, or whatever, but we are BETTER off for that LEADERSHIP? Except for the retards.

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Because Christianity made many whites cucks and servants to Israel and jews?

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One of the highlights of Christianity is the ironic, poetic twist that the long-awaited savior arrives and then promptly rejects the "chosen" Jews. Great detail is given on how he criticizes them and even trolls them.

Millennia later, they are not over the humiliation. They deliberately target Christianity more than anyone else for this reason.

It is difficult to consider someone who missed it a Christian. It is a recurring theme in the source material.

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If that is the case then when the Savior comes he will understand why I was skeptical because of all of the jewish infiltration and "hello white peoples".

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Dont know why white people.love chrianity so much.. its a fucking goat fucker myth religion from desert tribes.. it has nothing to do with white caucasian people...jesus was the king of the jews its so ludacris its hard to believe its actualy a common place reality that white idiots follow a fucking arab desert fucking goat fucker religion

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Jesus hated jews. He proclaimed he was king of them after beating their asses. Even Romans wrote about how Jesus did not look like the locals.

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Here's one now!

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