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Ex-Jewish Agency chief slams fellow settlers over eviction of neighboring Bedouin - Israel News - Haaretz.com

'"I was proud of what we created here," Meridor wrote. '

'"The Bedouin were here when we arrived," Meridor wrote, adding that their presence never prevented the state from giving Kfar Adumim 10,000 acres to develop. '

'If upholding the law was the chief concern of Kfar Adumim's leadership, Meridor wrote, "it would have prevented unauthorized construction within the village before it acted against unauthorized construction."'

'The same day, the court rejected two petitions against the demolitionby village residents and parents of children at the school who come from surrounding Bedouin communities. '

'He was disturbed that the appeals may have stemmed from ethnic and religious concerns, saying these were "unacceptable to me as a Jew."'

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