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The only good muslim is a dead one.

They're just as bad as the jews.

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Both are supremacists

It's foolish to not impose heavy restrictions on them within our societies, if left unchecked they take over, that's their purpose on earth according to their own dogma, each jew must have 2800 slave right before the coming of their messiah according to their prophecies, and then they all cum all over themselves because messiah is back that's just great mission accomplished (meanwhile you're still a fucking slave), and the earth belongs to muslims because allah gave them and everybody else got religion wrong and religion (theirs evidently because they got it right) rules everything, lol

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well you can easily convert into muslimism

judaism is genetically ingroup restricted.

just need to fuck their women.

refugees for israel

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Why impose costly and time consuming restrictions? Much easier to kick them out all together and be done with it

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Yep ... ok .... lol.

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I don't doubt this clown is a Mossad agent. That is exactly how those slimy jews operate.

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Muslims...if they fucked off back to their own country I would not have a problem with them. They can rape all the goats and chop off as many heads as they like...over there.

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Does that asshole post to Voat as Maxcactus?

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I can't help it, but why do the Ashkenazi Jews look like Arabs, and the Arabs look like Ashkenazi? I think Jews are just Arabs with a different vibe.

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That’s cause They are

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no such thing as a good moslem. They can lie to advance Islam, you cant trust them

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