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Where is the source for this?

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This is an excellent source: https://truthfulhistory.blogspot.com/2016/02/judaica-books-and-resources.html

Michael Hoffman has a half dozen excellent books about judaism's real nature. IMO, he is the premier researcher today on this topic. It is understandable that jews do not want people to know about this stuff.

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"source"...... "blogspot" topkek

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Thanks for sharing very useful source Buzzzard. http://adgraphicshub.com/

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is he jew?

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All over the damn place. The talmud is not conveniently ordered like the bible or islamic texts. I can confirm though at least quarter of this is true, as I have read it myself. I am currently studying islam though, so im not going to give you direct line addresses, but im sure someone else will.

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Have you read Shadow of the Sword by Tom Holland? It's an excellent book. I'm curious how biased the author is but it's the only Islamic history book I've read.

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The Talmud Babylonian and Jerusalem its been known for centuries. Jews used to try to hide the shit out of their "religious" docs nowadays they just get in front of a podium and screech GOY

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[citation needed]

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This is what I want. When it comes to Islam, it's right there. One can quote line and verse. Hell, with the Bible it's there too, pretty much all of Deuteronomy is a shitshow for example. I admit I know very little of Jewish written religion, but it IS written. Fucking show me line and verse, because I have no doubt this bronze-age religion has texts that are just as backward and bloodthirsty as the others.

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The stuff about killing non Jews is around Sanhedrin 57A.

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So post the source with the damn claim or post the damn source instead of fucking propaganda.

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I thought judiasm and the talmud preceded christianity? Or is it an every growing set of rules for jews and how they can fuck ev3rybody over

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Talmud was written after Christ by the Satanic Pharisees.

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Before it was written it was passed down as oral tradition known as the Mishnah before the time of Christ

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Ah! Thank you for that! I really thought that the talmud was the stories of Moses just like the Bible!

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Talmud was written after Christ by the Satanic Pharisees.

NOT true the babylonian talmud goes back when they spent their exile over there way before Christ

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Sounds like isham only with kikes

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It is. This is why the Emergency Nation bans both. (/v/EmergencyNation)

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Expect lots of crying out in pain while they hit you, OP.

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The Jew cries out in plain as he strikes you.

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a rabbi teaches why jesus cant be their messiah

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"Even the best of Christians should die", The Talmud. The Torah is for children and idiots, The Talmud.

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