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Thanks for this. First I've heard of it. I'm checking it out. I think there should be some sort of rebuttal/rebuke of all the fake Christian crap that gives us all a bad name. JUST STUDY THE BIBLE. It's ALL IN THERE! You don't get to add stuff or editorialize! You simply read it and understand IN CONTEXT (it's also not a collection of sound bites!)....BTW. God (and Jesus) DOES NOT LOVE EVERYONE, and DOES NOT want everyone to UNITE!!! SHEESH!! If you only read the Bible, you would believe The Clintons are going to hell, and that saying is NOT a judgement (punishment) it's a DISCERNMENT (Christian duty to avoid those sorts...kenites). Hillary's running mate was names CAIN!!!


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https://archive.fo/a2XR0 :

The Sharp Sting of the ‘Babylon Bee’

'It was just insane.” Snopes has fact-checked more than a dozen other Babylon Bee stories in the last two years. '

'At one point in How to Be a Perfect Christian, Ford and Mann twist the quotation famously attributed to St. '

'It’s safe to say that thus far, to the extent it has noticed, secular America is confounded by the success of the Babylon Bee. '

'If necessary, use the voting booth.”The Bee is largely ecumenical in the way it ribs all corners of Christendom. '

'The Bee also mines humor from a part of American life and culture that secular comedians don’t know the first thing about. '

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