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I'm pro-death: Give death a chance. @elitch2 @9-11

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Stop promoting your Jew religion. Atheism is wrong even if you somehow came to the conclusion that slaughtering innocent children is not moral.

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Well. Christianity is cucked as hell, today. Buddhism is a system to control starving peasants. islam, hinduism, judaism...

I gave going back to church a shot recently. I can tolerate the Latin Mass once a month, but weekly Mass is a liberal propaganda event.

I do not believe in God. At least not one that gives a shit what we do. If He exists, we are an ant farm on a shelf. Or we're powering Rick's battery. He certainly has shown no interest in modern affairs.

I am pro-life, and have always been.

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I am pro-life, and have always been

Well 90% of your fellow atheists are pro-murder, so by blaspheming and spreading atheism and Cultural Marxism you are not helping.

I dont believe

Your pride is talking.

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Catholicism is not Christianity. It is a religion that incorporates man made ritual, superstition, false doctrine, and subtle heresies with a little bit of the Bible and the word Jesus sprinkled in.

Do you want to know the truth?

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I'm not Jewish, dumbass. Sorry for finding a unique viewpoint interesting enough to share with others, didn't mean to hurt your feelings, princess.