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Paganism is veiled Satanism.

Supporting white racialism has nothing to do with religious truth. If the truth is about knowing why we are here and what happens when we die, what does racialism have to do with it?

The hexagram (Israeli flag) is two triangles superimposed over each other (up and down), marking the "G-d" of duality and balance. This is the "perfect" 666 symbol, but it has parallels in the yin-yang, swastika, and many other symbols used around the world. PAGANISM IS SATANISM where created spirits like unto men are worshiped instead of the creator. 666 is the number of pride and of man. Remember, Satan tried to self-ascend above God and remove himself from being under God's authority. Any following of false religion attempts to allow the adherent to follow their own ways instead of God's which is ULTIMATE PRIDE. Don't let your pride get in your way. Jesus wants to save!


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Thanks for posting this copy pasta for like the 4th time on one of my threads.

Really, your ignorance and blind devotion to your dead kike on a stick religion only proves my point about many things.