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Yes, Nicole stood there and watched her father abuse Fiona while tied to a chair. Fiona said all the wile Nicole had a smirk on her face. I have always believed that Antony Kidman was murdered by those that needed protection. He could not be allowed to testify or be allowed to be questioned.

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Hollyweird Rosewood conspiracy... The Institute Trailer #1 https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=-qQ0bhO37mo police witness statement https://pedophilesdownunder.com/2017/01/20/fiona-barnett-police-witness-statements-against-kidman-keating/ Controls the Media? Who controls the porn industry? The film The Institute (2017)) is a horror thriller film co-directed by Pamela Romanowsky and James Franco. It is based on a true story of a young girl's treatment at The Rosewood Institute in Owings Mills, and stars Franco, Allie Gallerani, Tim Blake Nelson, and Lori Singer. The Rosewood Center was recently shut down. The intro to the film features actual photographs of the torture and abuse that happened at Rosewood. Despite the events in the film being real, the Hollywood industry went into full shill mode and gave the film poor reviews claiming that it was a silly fantasy.The most scandalous—the one that sets Rosewood apart from other asylums—was made by Leo Kanner on May 13, 1937. Before a hushed gathering at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Pittsburgh, Kanner shared the shocking tale of “the Rosewood girls.” It’s not a story most people know about today, but it’s an important reminder of just how destructive an upper class with an unchecked sense of entitlement can be, and how vital it remains to safeguard the interests of those who can’t do so for themselves. -SlateIn the film The Institute, the protagonist (Isabel Porter) is institutionalized willingly to help herself get over the loss of her parents. Isabel Porter comes from a wealthy family, and naively submits herself to the torture and mind control of Dr. Cairn (James Franco).

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Thank You.

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