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My mom is a former politician. Her campaign manager was a raging AIDS fag, however, said AIDS fag knew a lot of important people, as part of his job was hitting those important people up for money to go towards the campaign. AIDS fag knew an uber rich evangelist from here in Georgia who ran a lucrative megachurch. He also secretly knew the evangelist was an atheistic Jew who did it as a side gig. Me and AIDS fag used to sit in the campaign office and make antisemitic jokes while laughing at all the stupid goy. My point is, a lot of these evangelists are just kikes scamming dumbass goy.

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Obviously all televangelists are atheists. If they actually believed in God, they wouldnt all be doing the exact crime that really gets you an express pass to eternal damnation.

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Yeah nah mate not sure what you think an atheist is but its not raping choirboys or sucking dumb people into buying it a plane.

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What crime is that?

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I did not understand this until now. I thought no way someone could be that retarded.

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Or they believe it's god's will. Blood god has demanded stranger things before.

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lucrative megachurch was his side gig

What was his main gig? Drug kingpin?

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"AIDS Fag". That is awesome.

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So your mama supported aids fags.

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Yes. She was a scummy democratic politician. I guess that's redundant.

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But God demands 10% of everyone's income.

Wouldn't that make god the richest?

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God's already in heaven, so he doesn't have to enter.

Also, the entrance to heaven is actually the head of a needle. Its hard for poor people too, it just was written down.

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Him and Joel Osteen really should be familiar with this part of the bible:

Matthew 19:24 And again I say to you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.


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False prophet. He will be judged accordingly to his offenses and perversions.

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Who will be judging him? I think I know the answer so you might as well just say Batman as that would make the same amount of sense.

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He'll die old, rich and surrounded by hookers.

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-tips fedora-

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You are entitled to believe what you want.

Jehova has given you that free choice you have and that is between him and you. It has nothing to do with me nor any other christian. And yes Jesus would be his judge as he will be the one spreading God's Wrath (meaning God's Judgement) on all the unsaved, upon his second coming after taking his people to the High heavens with him.

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Like the pope.

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Ah, I miss the days when shit like this seemed important.

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There is no Biblical support whatsoever for a pastor to receive any amount of money as a salary, nor to be in a position as a single pastor. There is also no biblical support after Jesus abolished the old law; to tithe. Tithing is an old covenant law, same as stoning your child for disobedience.

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Churches used to be responsible for welfare, schools & hospitals. When they passed the basket you could put as much or as little in as you wanted. Most churches provided little envelopes so that it was only your business how much you put in the basket. Some churches still do very good work. Where I live there is one that works with homeless addicts and they do exceptional work. Much better than the government's job creation for bloated social workers.

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Its so good that a mortal man can override the word of God.

Now we don't have to worry about those peak 10 commandments or anything.

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There is no easier way of parting a fool from his money than through religion.

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That's how Martin Luther rose to prominence.

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This should be the top voted comment.

It's true, the easiest way to con a fool is using religion.

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How do people fall for this shit. I'm not even Christian but isn't the bible kinda against this stuff with Jesus being a poor carpenter and all.

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Old, lonely, sick, depressed, desperate, afraid.

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people fall for this because of their own greed/sin is as simple as that

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Explain to me the greed and sin of the old and infirm who are his primary target?

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Enough with the pearl-clutching. Who gives a shit?

These people gave up their money voluntarily. I am much more concern with taxation-- which ISN'T voluntary.

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Yeah, X is worse so this doesn't matter.

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Religiots fall for this stuff all the time and get all up-in-arms about their right to do so.

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LEGAL x is worse so my favourite pastor doing ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL shit is the victims fault.

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