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you have to be stupid to take any ancient text about GODS as true.

the bible is shit paper. the torah is shit paper. light them both on fire with the quran and let all the fucking NONSENSE BURN YOU IDIOT FUCKS

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Bitch, sit down. Be humble.

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welcome to last weeks convo, hope you had enough time to study.

why should i humble myself before the quran? why should i sit down, because the book written by a pedo warlord said to?

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Never a shortage of people who never read/understand the bible to call it useless.

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you wanna go verse for verse talk to eminem you kike worshipping whore

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Aisha said, "How quick your spirit is to grant you your desires."

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This is a good write up. Lots of posts make fun of Muslims for being camel-fuckers, but you actually take the time to point out exactly how they're completely stupid.

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Spend more time reading the bible instead of wasting it on the koran.

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May I use this write-up to trigger people on other forums?

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Sure, if you want.

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Not that I'm about to make a specific point about this or anything, but just for my information, could I ask what your religious beliefs are?

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what your religious beliefs are?

I don't think I have religious beliefs in the way you mean them. I think of religion as a codified way for people to behave in order to please a deity, for reward either in this life or after death. That's a beginner's way to look at existence. That doesn't mean I demean religion, if it is guiding people properly. We are all beginners at some point, and so need guidance to grow.

I specifically have a bone to pick with the cult of Islam because it teaches that killing in the name of a deity is a blessed act, and that killing others because they won't adopt your religion is worship. All humans kill. We live in a violent and predatory universe, and we take life to live no matter how careful we are. But to teach that killing is religious is always false. The cult's internal inconsistencies don't help. Nor does the fact that a muslim could follow the teachings of the cult of Islam for a 1000 years and gain no understanding. Mohammed was blind to the truth, so his prescription is also blind.

I like madhyamika, taoism, vedanta, and others that have truth. I hold with the view of Shakyamuni Buddha, that no one should believe anything they can't experience for themselves. People call buddhism a religion, and in its corrupted forms it is, but it is really a philosophy, a description of reality that we can realize for ourselves by following certain practices. It's a form of atheism, because there is no god in buddhism (or vedanta or taoism). There is only self effort.

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Thanks for sharing! I think that's really interesting stuff, I would say you and I would probably get along if we met up sometime.