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The alchemy texts might be fun to read.

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I haven't seen them, yet. Even then, I'd probably not opine on any correlations with the Masons.

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A relative of mine is 32 degree Scottish rite and when i try to get info he Doesn't talk. He only says that the Internet has it wrong.Fool was probably misled

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I haven't really found much sinister related to Masons. It's pushed in popular culture to not trust them, and we all know who controls popular culture so yeah, I'm at the point where I question a lot of these preconceived notions.

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Yeah, I would love if the (possibly) tens of thousands of books manuscripts,scrolls parchments etc, that reside in the Vatican(t)s archives were to be shown the light of day, digitized, and then able to be read, absorbed, educate and entertain interested folk again. That's the purpose of the printed word, and if I was asked, I would maintain that it is a real crime for historical literature of the type imagined being secreted away from all and sundry.

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But have they been "edited for new readers" like so much historical documentation?

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The important question to ask. I'm doubtful anything important will be let free so easily. Not to mention, the release of Occult information has been purposely altered many times before, as to leave the formula incomplete, before it's given out to uninitiated eyes.

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i want a world with no more secrets.

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Hooray! Trismegistus, shine!

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I so want that down load now

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No ETA but I can tell Imma need another kindle :)

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Yeah, I figured some of you goats might be interested in it.

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This is called " the externalization of the hierarchy" the occulted being brought to light so that people would be ready for the luciferian initiation of the new world odor

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So, he's going to copy-paste from the Sacred Text Archive? And he wants a merit badge for that?

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