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More people have been killed in the name of Communism in the past 100 years than Islam and Christianity combined over the past 500, so no. He's not.

Muhammad's like a d3 college-tier mass murderer.

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Exactly. By that logic, Karl Marx would be top, based on Mao and Stalin and Pol Pot and Kim Il Sung, and Ho Chi Minh, and every other commie dictator, slamming their own countries.

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In a mediate way, yes. The muslimic occupation of India alone, cost 80 millions lives.

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Did you include all the muslims that mulsims killed? Muslims were instructed to kill other muslims who did not obey the quran perfectly. David Wood did a nice little video on this recently.


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a "religious warlord" would be the best description in words, and i say that because people from the bible in the old testament were VERY MUCH religious warlords too (samson killed a lot pf people with just a donkey jawbone for instance). but yes the cult left behind him does kill a lot

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However, God ended that method of expansion and provided a new method, which does not include any killing.

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yes, which is why the new testament is different and Christianity changed from what it was