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They'll answer yes and claim that Allah is the same Abrahamic God from the Bible, thus inferring that Christians and Muslims both worship the same God in their own traditions.

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Of course they're different. OT = Elohim (plural), NT = theos (singular). Both words are translated as "God".

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Maybe Christianity needs to regress far enough the fight Muslims. I've spoken with a few non-catholic Christians in the states over the age of 40 and they seem pretty woke, it's just the range of 20-30's that insist all migrants are peaceful.

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Non-Catholic Christian here. I am in my early twenties, and I hate Islam with every fiber of my being. Those in my age range are far left. Though the teenagers are more right leaning libertarians.

Christians from an early age are told to, "turn the other cheek." Did Christ not flip the table in the temple? I am pretty sure that isn't turning the other cheek. There is a time for peace, and there is a time to defend yourself, family, religion, culture, and fellow man.

I would suggest reading Luke 22:35-39. Imagine replacing two swords with two guns.

Edit: I also want to add, Christians and Catholics need to be considered in two separate groups. Catholics have gone far away from the founding from Christ wanted.

My two cents.

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https://archive.fo/K9NBI :

Pope Francis washes and kisses feet of Muslim, Hindu and Christian refugees | The Independent

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