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Are you really trying to say you're not an asshole? (;

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Shhhh... I don't want people to know.

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I'm part of the second group. Though I do take some issue with religion, but strictly speaking I have an issue with dogmatism more than religion itself.

I suppose if we want to keep splitting hairs I'm an agnostic theist.

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And the first kind are usually just pissed that mom and dad made them get up early to go to church.

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This. 100%

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Happily the second kind. I don't care if someone wants to worship a damned snickers bar; just so long as they don't start trying to infringe on other peoples rights because of their faith.

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I fit in the Agnostic category; if you believe in God, it's ok, I dont

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The first group is in active, willful enmity with God. They know He exists but hate Him.

The second group is in willful denial. They do not want to acknowledge their guilt before God because it is more convenient to ignore Him than have to face Him.

The second group is definitely a more friendly, "normal," and like-able group. But the complacency that is fostered within this group leads to an unwarranted sense of comfort.

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Can you prove god exists or doesn't exist?

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Yes. There is existence. Science proves something (the universe) cannot come from nothing.

His handiwork is everywhere.

He has showed His hand over and over again. The God of the Bible, that is.

If you don't believe the Bible, use the internet. People from all around the world, even non-Christian areas, have had experiences with Him. Also with the demonic realm that He warned us about.

If you don't believe anecdotes, look at where the world is headed. The enemies Jesus had are the same people who are turning this world upside down as we speak. Their "messiah" fits the full description of the anti-Christ which again, we were warned about.

Science cannot explain why we are here. ALL other religions are selfish, works-based religions that say we are good enough to earn heaven. They say that by facing Mecca five times per day, or laying on a bed of nails, or sitting cross-legged in meditation we can "earn" the next life. The problem with that is that we are ALL flawed, broken, evil people whether we'd like to admit it or not. Even the "best" people lie, have evil thoughts, etc. There is none good among us.

God opposes the proud. People may think they are humble, but if they cannot accept the fallen, evil, broken state that they are in then they are undermining God's law and judgment. He sent the Savior for those willing to earnestly seek Him and humble themselves before Him.

Accepting the grace is accompanied by a renewed heart, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, new desires, and salvation. Many are not willing to sacrifice the darkness and love of sin that the have in their personal lives. That said once the change is made and one is born again, his eyes are open and he sees the world, and their old "lives" for what they truly were.

That is all I can say that will make sense. It is a bit of a mystery to go about personally, but God said all those who seek earnestly will find Him. That means breaking down mental barriers, and not putting the onus on Him. Pride is by far the biggest issue for most people.

Jeremiah 29:13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

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There's yet another subdivision of the agnostic atheist class, which I call 'true agnostics'. They believe that questions like the existence of god is not just unknown, but unknowable, and thus irrelevant.

They don't disbelieve, really, it's more like it's not even on their radar. Asking them about god is like asking if King Tut would have preferred strawberry milkshakes or chocolate ones.

They are neither friendly to religion or hostile to it; they see the good and the bad which result, just as they see the good and the bad which might result from anything else that people do.

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I'm the first group. 11k killed and a further 11k injured by one group of people who have a make believe sky daddy this year alone.

Yes I hate religion. All through history it has corrupted our instinctual faith and naive curiosity.

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