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It is.

"Aliens" are demons.

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came here to say this

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There is massive amounts of evidence for the existence of intelligently controlled aerial craft witnessed by people down the ages. Dr. Steven Greer's 2001 press conference, where he presented a group (part of over 400) high ranking military officers, intelligence personnel, air traffic controllers, and others who gave public testimony of their direct experiences with UFOs, provides undeniable evidence that UFOs are real and need to be openly, intelligently discussed in the media and science without prejudice.

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https://archive.fo/I6pnH | https://files.catbox.moe/uecz3q.png :

Belief in Aliens May Be a Religious Impulse - Scientific American

'That is, those who report low levels of religious belief but high desire for meaning in life show greater belief in ETIs. '

'How could a starship—or any technology designed to detect natural forces and objects—discover a supernatural God, who by definition would be beyond any such sensors?'

'From these studies the authors conclude: “ETI beliefs serve an existential function: the promotion of perceived meaning in life. '

'In studies 3 and 4, subjects completed a religiosity scale, a meaning in life scale, a well-being scale, an ETI belief scale, and a religious/supernatural belief scale. “Lower presence of meaning and higher search for meaning were associated with greater belief in ETI,” the researchers reported, but ETI beliefs showed no correlation with supernatural beliefs or well-being beliefs. '

'I talked to Kirk himself—William Shatner, that is—about the film when I met him at a recent conference. '

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While I believe there is other life in the universe I believe that most "alien" experiences here are of evil origin.

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Well now, you can't very easily have it both ways. (Referring to your response to my comment to OP)

Not that I use this website much, but they do offer a pretty good summary https://www.gotquestions.org/aliens-Christian.html

It's not a some are demons (or evil, in a loose sense) but there is also life kinda thing.

They flee at the invocation of Christ. No questions asked.....

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thats your OPINION. Which I realize in todays pussified society is like gospel to some people.