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Read my reply to @Tree_Snake. Bless you. I pray that you yourself have been born again....

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Tell him he is not welcome.

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Bring him on. He might not convert for the purest of reasons, but that doesn't mean he can't develop a sincere relationship with Christ later on. And that would be between him and his maker anyway.

Helping another human into Christianity is one of the greatest things you can do in life.

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Although Jews who wish to accept Christ need to recognize that there are DOCTRINAL differences that need to be addressed. The Talmud and some teachings about Satan are SERIOUSLY blasphemous. Remember that modern Judaism is the religion that the Pharisees practiced. It is the OPPOSITE of Chritianity. Most Christians think that a Jew need only see Christ as the Messiah of Judaism. Nothing could be more wrong.

Christ said that following Him would create enemies for the follower. The prospective apostate from Judaism must be prepared to lose all family relationships. But what they stand to gain is CHRIST and salvation!

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There has been a long history of European Jews who converted to Christianity and rose to positions of wealth and power in Christian society. Benjamin Disraeli is an obvious example. He converted to the Church of England at the age of 12, and went on to become Prime Minister of England.

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Interesting. In this case, he's a bartender studying law, and he loves god, but see's something dark and disturbing that he wants to distance himself from. He says most Jews are nice and basically like everyone else, easily deceived by evil. He is apparently tired of so many Jews being on the wrong side of history and wonders if Christendom is not the path to righteousness. "The Narrow Path" In fairness he is not religious in the sense of going on Sundays, but he does love and want to praise god. The fuck do I know. Just found it interesting is all.

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Well no wonder he smells something fishy.

The "G-d" of the Jews is NOT God....

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I am not sure what to think. On one hand, it is good to have one less religious Jew in the world. I am also wary as he is still a genetic Jew, and I do not want such things in the gene pool. I am also familiar enough with the habits of the Jew to suspect that his conversion is not from the purest intentions. Be wary, but introduce him to Christ.

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Jesus and his earliest disciples were all Jews. He'll be in good company. Mark 16: 16. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

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At least he knows he's a Jew.

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