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Christians don't support Israel. Our government supports Israel and inundates us with tons of pro-Israel propaganda because after WWII supporting Jews became synonymous with hating Nazis. Now 70 years later with the Nazis all gone we're stuck supporting a hateful xenophobic anti-white anti-Christian nation that is deploying its own genocide in a war we have no stake in yet are forced to support.

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Succinct. Accurate. Well done.

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It goes further than that. American protestantism has been heavily influenced by the evangelical movement through the scofield reference bible. American evangelicals are the ones that think we need to support the state of Israel because it will pave the way for Christ's return. These are the Christians that are the most diehard "pro-Israel" camp and paved the way for the neoconservative pro-Israel political position. The Catholic church was pretty anti-semetic until Vatican 2 where they renounced their past anti-semetism. I think the Orthodox Church still refers to them as "Christ killers" as the Catholics once did, but the Orthodox is so foreign to most of Western Europe and America that they don't really have much of an influence on modern 'western' Christianity.

I don't know if all of these developments are organic and happened on their own, or if these were acts of subversion and things like the Scofield bible or Vatican II were the product of outside influence.

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And why are we supposed to hate Nazi's, because of the holocaust of course. A concocted event dreamed up by the (((Hollywood))) machine to make the goyim never want to dare listen to what Hitler or Goebbels had to actually say or learn what was actually happening during that time outside of the packaged consumable churned out by Jewllywood.

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https://youtu.be/sGw8YsEIQyo Christians seem to support Israel.

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This fuckhead is delusional. He was presented with the truth; Jews hate Christians. It's backed up by every Jewish text, the laws of Israel and by Jews themselves, but he will anything to not acknowledge that fact. He instead makes it a challenge by god to love them anyway. "See it's not the Jews fault that they hate us. God made them hate us as a Challenge of our faith to love them". That is the power of the Jewish mind trap of labels. If you successfully label someone with the scarlet letter of anti-Semite they are eternally shamed. They would rather die then be forced to wear the label. That is the power of the mind trap. It's actually a Black Magic Spell from Kabbalah. There is nothing "magic" about it. It is real and it actually works.

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Im a christian and I dont support israel. If anything, Im the complete opposite of support. Id fight in a war against the "Jews" (not the real hebrew jews). Of course, I probably wont be around for that, as that is end time stuff right there.

They are a synagogue of Satan.

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Same here. Many Evangelicals are either tricked into believing that Jews are the chosen, or are scared to speak up about it. And rightfully so. It's a very divisive issue, although it shouldn't be.

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Those that actually read the bible and study its "traditions" just need to compare it to the current "jews" traditions. Does anything match? No? Where did it come from then? And then they should start to ask why. Oh, its because they dont even follow the book of moses as the other actual jews do.

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If what you say is true than why do you make a distinction between Jews and "Jews"? And who is to say who is a jew and who is not?

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The jews of old, true descendants of the original tribes of israel, only follow the Tanakh. AKA, the hebrew bible, AKA, the old testament (in practice). The current "jews" are hardly original descendants and also follow the Talmud. Which is a mockery of the old testament and basically is what set them down the path of trying to wipe us out. The actual jews were split up all over the earth and have mostly kept to themselves. I have dont little research into this but have heard accounts of many of them coming to Australia and meeting people I know. They do not like to be called jews, they say they are hebrew. A distinction between jews and the original judahites.

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I disagree with what the Jews are up to, however, God has told me that we are to bring the Jews to repentance, and not to fight them.

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They're jews. The only way to bring peace is to wipe them off the face of the earth

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You are very right. All people must be given the chance to repent and for forgiveness. But war is the only time killing is justified and I would fight in a war to defend my fellow christians, or at least those that wish to live by their standards. Given the opportunity, I would prefer to take Jesus path of just living as we are, but satan does not want us to have that luxury.

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End times are now, brother. Satan already has a full grip on the earth, degeneracy is at an all-time high... we're in days similar to the days of Noah.

Do you know about the revelation 12 sign coming up?

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There are better works of fiction that help you understand the world.

Protip: avoid fiction based around ghost stories.

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The ends are ALWAYS. On an individual, society and worldly level. Do keep in mind though, that its been almost 100 years since israel got its own state again. This is also a sign of the end, there are always signs of the end. When will it happen though? We are not to know, we can never know. What and when are irrelevant to be honest, so I do not delve too much into the end time prophecies. You can not let it affect your life except to gain understanding that everything is going according to plan, when to you personally it might not seem so.

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I was taught that Israel was a necessary evil due to its part in the end times prophecies. That's it. Don't worry though, according to the good book most of the Jews in Israel are going to support the Antichrist and burn in hell.

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You are right, but we shouldn't wish that anyone would burn in hell.

Even God wishes that all would be saved.

There are some Jews who have crossed a line and it is impossible for them to repent. However, we don't know who they are. For the others, it is a tragedy. Take a step back and think about how hard it is for a Jew to accept Christ after being surrounded in that world. They deserve our prayers. Not because most of them are the chosen, but because their conversion is the most unlikely.

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I've said in recent posts things that have echoed your statement and it's good that I'm not alone in thinking it.

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I agree with everyone here...

God has told me that we are to try and bring the Jews to repentance and to desist from fighting them.

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A lot of Christians are convinced that those who call themselves Jews today are somehow the descendants of the Israelites or Jews of the Bible. Nothing could be further from the truth. See the documentary Marching to Zion.

A lot of Christians have been deceived by people like John Hagee and the Scofield Bible (an annotated Bible for pastors who don't make their own interpretations).

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SOME Christians "support" Israel, because they believe the modern state of Israel is created by God for his chosen people the Jews. These type of Christians accuse every Christian who does not believe in this, as following an "erroneous replacement theology."

The fact of the matter is that this theology that looks at the modern state of Israel as a thing of God, got created by the Zionists roughly 150 years ago and a certain amount of Christians fell for it.

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The Zionist ambition for the promised land (as described by the Oded Yinon plan) is in conflict with Genesis 15:18, most significantly for the descendants of Ishmael.

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It's financial - the charging of interest when lending money is illegal in Islam, and was illegal in Christianity (Jesus attacked the money changers,)... only the Jews would lend for interest payments. Wars, and other large projects cost money - and when you don't have it, you can borrow it, from bankers. Jews are the largest bankers on the planet, and have been for many hundreds of years... since long before capitalism came about.

This status is only maintained due to ignorance about the nature of banking and money. Anybody can start a bank. Anybody can issue money. If you want to know why JPMorgan and the Chinese have been trash talking Bitcoin all week - it is because Bitcoin created a new currency - one that the bankers have difficulty controlling. Now there are twenty new such currencies - and in a decade perhaps thousands of new currencies. This threatens to shatter the banking monopoly on wealth, which is the root of their power on Earth.

Armies cannot defeat Bitcoin - likely neither can laws. The bankers do not know what to do about it.

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one that the bankers have difficulty controlling

They sure tried though, with the Blockstream takeover attempt.

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Jesus attacked the money changers

The text that was referred to in the gospels was about violence, not commerce.

only the Jews would lend for interest payments

Charging interest is only endorsed in the Torah as a formof economic warfare.

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Brainwashed by the education system and the media which is infiltrated by Zionists.

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^^ it is literally new phenomenon in America. shows/movies and even so called (((christian))) leaders, shows etc all falsely claim Jesus was 'jewish' therefore christians should support israel and the 'jews'. the jews even falsely call themselves 'the chosen people'

the cognitive dissonance is pretty big. if christianity and judiasm is basically the same since jesus was jewish why are christ followers called christians? why is religion called christianity? why do judaism follow the talmud and celebrate different holidays? see it makes no sense. but don't expect any sense from brainwashed christian zionists.

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why are christ followers called christians?

Because of Paul. (Acts 11:26)

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Ive been told that Jews dont believe in the New testement and they don't believe Jesus is the son of God. Christians believe the new testement, believe Jesus is the son of God and has already come and died for our sins. If anything, my denomination sees jews as misled people. There are a few Christian jews

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I agree with you mostly, but the Bible is pretty clear that the Jews are God's chosen.

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myth debunked ^^

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