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WE aren't. The people who see their dreams of a communist utopia are allying with others who hate the west.

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That's because the Mossad is behind Al-Qaeda/ISIS and the zionist jews control every facet of the U.S government so it's completely under the occupation of Israel. Every U.S foreign policy is decided by AIPAC which is why every foreign policy is designed to serve Israels interests, first and foremost, even at the cost of the U.S and the American public, so of course the U.S government is going to support jewish created terrorist groups. And Ron Paul knows this very, very well but does not have the testicular fortitude to expose these fact so he'll just ask questions he knows the full answers to but never share these full answers with the public.

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"(((Moderate rebels))) via the U.S. help us destabilize nations to the point that we can force zionist world domination agendas on those nations; the U.S. would collapse without the war economy, so it continues to be cucked into doing our bidding... Plus, we want Greater Israel and death to all goyim we do not want to keep alive to serve us, the Chosen People."

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Whatever their (Trump administration) aims are, civilians in Syria must be protected at all costs and their needs are provided for.

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Have to feed the Military.