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https://archive.fo/c7r9r :

U.S.-led forces appear to be using white phosphorus in populated areas in Iraq and Syria - The Washington Post

'Away from Iraq’s front lines, the Islamic State is creeping back in‘I thought, this is it’: One man’s escape from an Islamic State mass execution'

'When a white phosphorus shell explodes, the chemical inside reacts with the air, creating a thick white cloud. '

'The Pentagon posted photographs of Marine M777 howitzers in Syria — deployed to support the Raqqa operation — with a pallet of white phosphorus munitions in May. '

'While international humanitarian law stipulates that civilians must be protected from all military operations, it also says that countries must take even more care when using white phosphorus. '

'The Pentagon has admitted to killing roughly 500 civilians in the nearly three-year-old war against the Islamic State. '

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these are the kinds of things that dying empires do.