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After Jones put his hand on Rubio's shoulder, the Florida Senator said “Don’t touch me again, man ... I’m asking you not to touch me again.”

When Jones then asked whether he'd be arrested, Rubio said "You're not gonna get arrested man, I'd take care of it myself,"

omg, a Jones-Rubio brawl would have been like christmas in september

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If they had left him alone, most people would think Jones is a raving lunatic. Banning him only validates him.

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Great news! First Apple and then Twitter. I hope he gets banned completely.

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I care. But I consider Twitter like read it. I haven’t been on Twitter in almost a year. It’s such a left-wing propaganda site that it’s not worth going to anymore.

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Save Alex Jones! The establishment and major corporations are trying to Trayvon him! We need to support him and try to start Alex Jonesing any social media sites we in to piss them off. Unleash the dams Treebeard style, we have some leftist orcs to clear out.

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It's sexist bc he watches tranny porn