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They can find his Reddit? Oh God, if the things I post on voat were used against me in the court of public opinion...

I'd reveal that I'm a black trans female crypto jew muslim from Mexico, in my soul, so it's OK.

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Its not the shooters reddit. The media fucked up. Try reading the fucking article and checking links and sources you fucking niggerfaggotsheep.


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Who needs to do all that when I have you to shove a pineapple up my ass?

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That's the Judaism busting through.

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All leftists do.

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R mods have already started the purge.

Example: http://archive.fo/ihfwX

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They're really trying to make "resistance" a cultural thing. Obviously the stupid "resistance" shit in the latest Star Wars abortions are up there. But saw on another site last week they're doing a Dark Crystal Sequel/TV Show, and literally calling it "Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance".

So apparently Trump is a fucking Skeksis now too. Even though it's Hillary and her Co-Molochians who share the Skeksis practice of draining life essences out of the child-like Gelflings in order to extend their lives and heal wounds.

Every second fucking genre movie or show for the foreseeable future will be some wank-handed attempt to associate Trump with whatever the pop cultural villain du jour is in any given franchise, with some extremely loose and lazy "resistance" code wording thrown into the mix.

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Look on Google to see if this was true and all I found was reddit mod ban's user's.

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So who'd he kill anyway?

I have a theory that he took out the lazer dude for fucking up his game.

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Time for common sense shitlib control.

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Hey he started with a nigger so only 3 humans dead.

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