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Flint water crisis: Michigan health director ordered to manslaughter trial | Ars Technica

' In April, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced that the state will stop providing free bottled water to Flint residents. '

'A judge on Monday ordered Michigan’s top health official, Nick Lyon, to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter charges in two deaths linked to the Flint water crisis. '

'State officials now say that the city’s water meets federal standards for lead and other contaminants. '

'Michigan health director, 4 others charged with manslaughter over Flint water Genesee District Judge David Goggins determined that there was probable cause that Lyon committed involuntary manslaughter against Robert Skidmore and John Snyder in 2015. '

'Researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention genetically linked the bacteria infecting patients to those found in the city’s water. '

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I read an entire article saying the entire thing was blown way out proportion to the actual lead levels, that other cities had higher levels.. the fact flint completely vanished from the news was the reason i believed the article. Sorry i dont have a link.

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I wonder how they orchestrated this to be a white guy, given all the nogs that chimp around there.

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There is no water crisis, there never was a water crisis, its an al sharpton michael moore gibs grab to the tune of a billion usd. Enabling and bailing out another insolvent nigger run city like detroit. Now they want to convict a FUCKING WHITE MALE who trlied on scientific data that said all water was fine (it still is).

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Trying to farm up CCP, I see.


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I hate @9-11 but in this case he is right He is either a shill kike or a redneck backwoods christian i can never tell for sure its like it is one account and multiple people use it to post shit.

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You have obviously never been to Flint and have no clue on the water situation there.

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It's really no different than any other rustbelt city with aging infrastructure that was shit to begin with. My own neighborhood many hundreds of miles away has higher tested lead levels than Flint, and there are wells tested with naturally-occurring lead levels higher than Flint.

But, at the end of the day I wish we intentionally poisoned these nigger-infested shitholes