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stickied. My bad havent been able to keep up with this subverse for the last week or i would have stickied it then because:

It is clear free speech is available for only one very small group of shills on this site. Any sub, even one with 20 subscribers, is a threat and is treated as such.

This is exactly what they have been doing here since 3 years ago. And when you point it out, they all jump out in tandem and downvote you and shitpost so no one takes the comment chain seriously. And sadly it is effective now compared to the first few waves of voaters who were way more skeptical, and frankly higher IQ.

SRS/SBBH openly brag about their manipulation and @PuttItOut seems to enjoy them driving off users.

They hide behind 'shitposting" to destroy free speech and genuine public discourse by manipulating certain narratives and brigading any user who isn't part of their click. I know one guy who can manipulate the entire front page and comments on Voat solely by himself, but he believes it is a flaw and bad for free speech. Just imagine 12+ radical homosexuals and shitskins sitting in a discord just chain linking all brigading posts to eachother. 12 is conservative its more like 30-35 of them now since reddit has gotten rid of all the subs with common sense.

and in case you didnt know why T_D hasnt been banned yet its because they want to destroy Trump's voting base online by censoring real places and keeping fake places ran by shills alive.

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I'll probably regret responding to you but I'm going to try.

I don't like it, never have. I think I mostly feel the same way you do about it generally. Often when I look into these issues, the root is a censor happy moderator on a power trip. I can't defend that and that is often what I find.

There is no middle ground, people like you see the entire downvote response as inappropriate (even when a mod is insulting, prideful, and censoring) whereas the other group sees any censoring as inappropriate (even if a mod is removing racial slurs and trying to keep conversation civil).

In the past I have chosen to not engage you about your criticisms because you don't offer solutions that are workable. You feel that by me not engaging you that I condone this behavior. That is incorrect.

So... what ideas do you have to make the current Voat system better? What software / rule systems can we use? How can we handle this without starting an ever enduring fight? If you bring me realistic solutions that can be solved with software I will give them the attention they deserve.

Maybe you can lead an v/ideasforvoat discussion

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No worries, I'm passionate about the current state of the internet and can get heated. Am Texan afterall.

Here is my initial gripe. The problem is there has never been a site-wide discussion about the manipulation going on among the goat community and we know their names and MO. Anyone who tries to help voaters become aware receives the Amalek treatment, they just changed a few words around. I think a great idea would be to have a site-wide discussion where the topic that many people have had a problem with can be discussed by the whole community instead of a few dozen lurkers in ideasforvoat.

So... what ideas do you have to make the current Voat system better? What software / rule systems can we use? How can we handle this without starting an ever enduring fight? If you bring me realistic solutions that can be solved with software I will give them the attention they deserve.

Clearly I've never been too tech savvy but there is 3 years worth of evidence of certain users forming brigades for harassing and censoring people that they don't like or don't want to have any exposure. Regular daily users like myself see it in a heart beat when it happens. And how would you prevent PV and SBBH from moderating all the large non-system subs? Good question really, everytime they take over a sub they silence people who could have been good voaters but weren't used to the shocking anti-new user behavior shown by SBBH. It's almost like every sub they get ahold up breaks into pieces inentionally. Maybe the entire site could give you an answer if you made that conversation available. I'm tired of losing goats I consider friends here because they aren't autistic enough nor willing to keep up with the malicious behavior of certain users here. That includes the ones who had to move to discord because you let SBBH ruin it, even though a fix was provided for you via @EngelbertHumperdinck

Would it make things a little more edgy around here to have everyone give it a day of discussion on a stickied thread? Hell yeah it would, and we need people paying more attention to who they listen to. One that can be done without the shills obviously dismissing discussion? No idea ,unless we have enough goats talk about it. Just hiding behind "shitposting" when it's apparently far worse than that has really scarred this great website. I'll even write up the post and you can approve it so as long to not think im starting a flame war, and technically SBBH starts flame wars with every sub so maybe they can be discussed without OP directly naming names. Remember when they even tried it to /v/gaming too?. Genuinely would like that discussion because every single post for 3 years about SBBH or the organized harassment and vote manipulation, the threads are always anchored down by SBBH and the people who notice it are given no option other than to react aggressively which never looks good, leave the site, or join the fuckery. I know you see this with the Q stuff like here and it's stupid. The Q people that lasted this long on reddit are not edgy 18-28 year old males who talk about niggers and shit, and now another massive movement is split because SBBH had to shock them with irrelevant shit, trying to incite a mod reaction.

This could be a good conversation because you don't even need any need hard physical evidence to see what they are blatantly doing. They just do it and laugh in the open.

Really miss old voat when goats were more skeptical, this place was all about exposing shareblue and others who perform what should be illegal public manipulation. Now people have the memory of a goldfish because SBBH floods so much drama witch hunts that no one even takes the shilling seriously anymore. Anyways sorry for the long response.

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I agree with you then as no one unbans me but then again I don't ask and don't care. Unfortunately the best way to stop bullshit is to either take a gun and blow its fucking brains out (not a option on the internet) or ignore it. Sadly that is probably what you are going to have to do. Most folks on the internet are cowardly teenage bitches (or have the mentality of) so don't feel so bad its not like your ignoring anyone important.

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You're kinda missing the most obvious option, that being the one I took. You don't have to be someone's bitch. There are plenty of honorable, decent people who post here on Voat.

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No you do not have to be someone's bitch, but visualizing yourself as someone's bitch on the internet is a problem from the beginning. It's the internet most folks are just here to verbally masturbate. I appreciate you trying to change that culture but your battle is so uphill and not worth the effort. I've found that my time and talents are much better spend in the real world effecting change, but I wish you the best on your endeavor and search for justice as it's in short supply nowadays.

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Ftm hormone abuser. Bald and hairless with that curvy female spine and short torso.

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I like your style but Ive never had an issue commenting, posting, responding, etc. Voat never censors that im aware but the quality of conversation is not much above Reddit but that is true almost everywhere on the internet.

What specifically have you been unable to post or say etc?

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Check the sticky post.

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I've been banned from subs, your saying as the sub creator you are unable?

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Since OP is one of the few mods on voat that censors people, I'm not really sure of the point of this post. JJevil was not innocent.

You have proved time and time again you have no commitment to free speech.


Infact, you are so committed to free speech that you will surely delete this comment to hide your hypocrisy.

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Yeah, good job riding this place into the dirt you Reddit maggot.

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Yeah, good job riding this place into the dirt you Reddit maggot.

Ruining it for people like you that want to dictate what people are allowed to see...why thank you.

If you don't like it you can trott off to Reddit, phuks or poal. They have values that align with yours so why remain on voat?

Either you are paid to be here or could it be gasp you don't want to be censored?

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