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Thats the lolz

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Some Reddit users were repeatedly posting divisive political rhetoric from a group of obscure news websites. That effort led a Reddit moderator from California named Alex Brown and a small team of volunteers to investigate. Using publicly available data about who started the news websites, they were able to find evidence of a wide-ranging propaganda network across the social news site with ties to Iran. Brown and other amateur researchers notified Reddit, but the website, the fifth-most visited in the U.S., according to data from Amazon’s Alexa analytics, did not respond. -- https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/volunteers-found-iran-s-propaganda-effort-reddit-their-warnings-were-n903486

Voat to Reddit, "hold my beer!"

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because they dont need one when you have me.... now im sad @freshmeat


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i could be 100 times all you @freshmet know it too fucking faggots

i just wanted to cus

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You shill fuckers are dumb. How did you ever come up with the idea to attack @derram ?

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@gamepwn check out this bullshit.

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You're an idiot. 99.9% of the shit Derram posts is mirrors to other peoples links to redirect traffic away from Jewtube, imgur and the like.

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Fuck you. I started my own sub. I should decide who is banned. You want your own sub, then fucking start one yourself, asshole!

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Crying harder will surely make all the things that hurt your virginal eyeballs go away. Go back to reddit you censoring nigtard.

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Fuck off SBBH. If he wants Derram banned he should be able to. Also Derram is posting shitty gamegate memes using drawings that stem from a tranny's art.

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Check this out. I know there were some deleted submissions. There has been more screwing with that sub beyond this thing with derram. I wonder what else was changed or deleted?