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The bible is literally derived from Jewish books. The Old testament is literally the tanakh. The Torah and Talmud were all used for the creation of the bible. Jesus was literally a Jew. It's amazing how most of you don't know that your religion is based on Jews. You faggots are not redpilled. You can like all the "morals" you want in the bible, they're Jewish. Your 10 commandments.... Mitzvot. They are jewish. Your anti gay and most old testament shit? Jewish books. Go fucking educate yourselves. You morons drive me crazy with this shit. Inb4 arguing, my post is a rough outline to get you started questioning your Jew religion.


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If you actually read and studied both, you would know that while Christianity does have Jewish origins it is far and away not Jewish.


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Okay pal. Sure thing. Except the entire basis, stories, and rules are based on the Jews books. But other than that, it's totally different.