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Holy shit, seeing this Williams thing close up I can totally see the man features coming through.

I don't know if this is a man with tits or a woman who's been taking testosterone, but something is definitely off.

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Outbursts like this are not unusual for her, she threatened to shove a tennis ball down an umpire's throat a few years ago.

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Roid rage?

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look, im not saying that Serena Williams is a man, i'm only saying that she had a dick.

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Ooga booga!

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on court chimp out? can't have things your way so throw a tantrum and accusations.

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Hardly a meltdown.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=nx9iT1OQMl0 :

Serena Williams has a meltdown at the US Open - YouTube

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