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When it became necessary to distinguish one's self from the crowd by any means necessary. "Oh look at how eccentric and weird I am, aren't I cute? shoves own shit in mouth, slowly turns and smiles with shit between their teeth

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Mental illness was romanticised beginning in the 1990s in commercial media, from books to movies to pop singers, mental illness became an euphemism for "creative genius".

This served as a mass marketing tool at the time when there was a division in the treatment of depression from different institutions. Pharmaceutical companies wanted to test their SSRI antidepressants onto the public, and with government support, they dominated the treatment of depression, which was most likely, a result of thyroid disorders by the food and water supply (eg, fluorination of water that interferes with iodine levels, pineal gland calcification, bromides present in bread products that damage the thyroid).

Whereas, ethical doctors wanted to utilise treatment of depression through nutrition and thyroid disorders, it soon became the norm for depression to be treated as a "mental illness" through the mass distribution of SSRI antidepressants. Through popular media, books such as Elizabeth Wutzels' Prozac Nation et al, depression became romanticised and many of these authors unwittingly became spokespeople for the pharmaceutical industries.

At the same time, Scientology was attempting to treat depression by the use of trancranial magnetic stimulationdevices, which proved to be successful during the 1970s and early 1980s, but the US govt started a propaganda campaign to discredit them as a cult, and inserted key representatives to bring down the institution so that Big Pharma could prevail in the treatment of depression.

What's interesting though is that transcranial magnetic stimulation devices are making a comeback and many startups are utilising TMS to treat depression now. Many research universities are also moving away from the pharmaceutical model and utilising blue light and nutrition to treat depression.

So, in short, mental illness became cool, thanks to mass media, government support and pharmaceutical lobbyists.

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The very instant someone uses mental illness as an excuse to be a piece of shit, my respect for them resets to zero.

I don't care if you're depressed. Suck it up, bitch. Nobody cares but you.