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They are going to end up finding that in a lot of them there were a lot of toxic environment/ecological influences, they were sexually or physically abused, had warped family dyanmics, et cetera. This should not be considered a mental illness.

It should be considered sucidal to the very core. Its a form of severe self-depravation and self-hate. These people need to be taught that if a gender is a social construct then they are not really becoming the other sex, but only representing a chimeric form of it. I think one needs to establish the naturaistic fact that this is against appropriate social functions and norms and ironically only enforce them in an inverted manner.

They need to also realize how destructive it is that they are just thrown into it by shifting their perceptual mode of consciousness by pushing them into certain abnormal and deviant behaviors. Ultimately, these people are just self-destructive asocials who are too caught up in a kind of sexualixed egotism.


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Therefor you can fight peer pressure with the following: isolation from the source that puts the pressure on the person or taking the client into a group of healthy people that correct children on their miseries, mistakes and confusion.

Furthermore psychotherapy is required to make them comfortable again with their biological body, which will have better outcomes.


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Yeah, you have some good points to make, but I think mostly the main thing is that transgenderism should be considered a disease and an abnormality that should be punted out of society and those who support it should be punted out of society too.

The isolation part is key, because there are some sick minded people who will justify this kind of madness and make it seem that people need to correct things because of the miseries, mistakes, and confusion which they are involved in, but this is a rare instance, but it is a sign that our society is on the verge of collapse to be honest.