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Why the Most Important Idea in Behavioral Decision-Making Is a Fallacy - Scientific American Blog Network

'Moreover, belief in loss aversion has meant that phenomena that have nothing to do with loss aversion have nonetheless been interpreted to reflect loss aversion. '

'However, as documented in a recent critical review of loss aversion by Derek Rucker of Northwestern University and myself, published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, loss aversion is essentially a fallacy. '

' While loss aversion has frequently been cited to explain why people are biased toward the status quo, perhaps fittingly, the case of loss aversion illustrates the importance of challenging science’s status quo. '

'Loss aversion, the idea that losses are more psychologically impactful than gains, is widely considered the most important idea of behavioral decision-making and its sister field of behavioral economics. '

'In the case of loss aversion, contradictory evidence has tended to be dismissed, ignored or explained away, while ambiguous evidence has tended to be interpreted in line with loss aversion. '

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