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I think this has more to do with not being an actual experiencer than actually taking the picture. With the right mindset, you can snap the wanted shot, put the camera away and have plenty of recall. I think this harkens more to the obsession of some/most to record EVERYTHING rather than have an actual experience. I can remember nearly every picture I've taken and why because I don't think about it most of the time. Sure I miss out on lots of potential photographs, but I'm not a professional photographer. Prime example, National Geographic photographers often write articles about their experience in vivid detail.

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I see people filming fireworks every 4th of july. Like they are really gonna go back and watch that shit.

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I think this same concept applies when you use GPS navigation.

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Can't forget phone numbers. Once we could store them in our phones and search for a name we instantly forgot everyone's number.

I put it down to laziness. Once we can rely on a photo to trigger a memory, a machine to give us directions or a phone that can remember a thousand numbers we stop giving a shit and rely on the machines that are meant to serve us but ultimately it makes us dependent on them. Technology truly does enslave us.