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Well fuck YouTube. I really need to start divorcing myself of Google.

What are other good video hosting sites? Vimeo?


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Bitchute.com seems to have potential. I've been using it to watch creators that are posting their content there. Molyneux, styxhexenhammer666, mark dice... As far as gun related content, https://www.bitchute.com/channel/treetopflier/ has some good reloading related videos if your into that. Check it out, there is quite a bit there.


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https://archive.fo/dGOTn :

YouTube bans more firearms videos, days before national rally for gun control - The Washington Post

'While the new guidelines have not officially been implemented, users who post content about firearms should review their videos, YouTube’s spokesman said. '

'For many YouTube content creators and proponents of the Second Amendment, the ban amounts to censorship. '

'InRange TV, which also posts content dedicated to firearms on YouTube, said in a Facebook post it planned to start uploading videos to PornHub, an adult website. '

'A current search on YouTube for the phrase “how to build a gun” returns more than 25 million results. '

'This week YouTube said that, starting in April, it will ban content that promotes the sale of guns and gun accessories like bump stocks, devices that make rifles fire more rapidly. '

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